About Me

My name is Janna (Jan-uh) and I’m an avid reader, a literal nerd, and I have a fascination with the government and social justice.

I actually read so many novels about politics and the government that I started working in a few positions in the government. So books are definitely important to me. They started this passion, and they also help me escape from it (cue Stephen King novels).

I really believe that books have made a better person. Or…at least I have a little knowledge about a lot of topics.  In my opinion, there are some novels that are absolutely necessary to read in today’s social and political climates. All books are of importance, but I am focused on ones that open my mind.

I have started this blog to share these must reads with the world– whether they are historically enlightening, politically captivating, incredibly moving, or absolutely entertaining. Through my reviews, opinions and ratings, I am hoping to spark your interest in certain texts.

If a novel isn’t worth reading, I’ll let you know, and you can bypass it. If a novel is amazing, I’ll let you all know, so you can be sure to read it. Books, and knowledge, are worth sharing. This is my contribution to that pool of shared wisdom.

Please reach out and recommend books I may have missed. I tend to do that a lot, because Amazon and Barnes & Noble are both SO overwhelming! Enjoy ~