The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

I’m going to start this book review with the last line of Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope because it summarizes my feelings throughout this reading perfectly. On page 362, Obama wrote, “My heart is filled with love for this country.” THIS is how Obama’s second novel made me feel. In our current presidency, it’s easy to forget politicians who made me interested in this field in the first place. Politicians who give me hope, who preach positive rhetoric, and overall, make me hopeful for our country.

That being said, The Audacity of Hope is like sinking into a warm bath. I was almost relaxed reading it. He did discuss major problems that we still see in today’s America (this book was written in 2006), but he remained hopeful. He reminded me of the hope that I have of some form of bipartisanship, and he also reminded me that most politician’s goals are to make this world a better place. I also had an opportunity to learn more about his past and family life—much of which was unknown to me.

Obama splits this book up into nine chapters: Republicans and Democrats, Values, Our Constitution, Politics, Opportunity, Faith, Race, The World Beyond Our Borders, and Family. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on the Constitution and Family. I had no idea that prior to be elected a Senator, Barack Obama taught constitutional law classes and was a legislator. That being said, he was well-versed in the Constitution, and was particularly informed on this chapter of topic. It made for a very interesting read, but honestly, the whole book was interesting. I also enjoyed learning a little more about his family and…if we’re going to be honest…I cried at parts when he discussed his relationship with Michelle. Serious #RelationshipGoals. Serious tears. His love for her is extremely evident throughout this book, but especially in this chapter.

Overall, if you want to know a *little* bit more about America’s 44th President, (before he became president!), pick this book up. It’ll give you HOPE. It’ll remind you that politics can be POSITIVE. It can remind you that people are fighting for change. It can also remind you of your love for America. I reflect on America enough— how blessed I am to live here, the rights that I possess, and how far our country has come. Also, I don’t reflect to be thankful about the direction our country is going in either. We will make our country a better place for our children. Of course there are setbacks. But this book really ensured me that we will never give up hope.

Rating: 4.5/5


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